The Parish Centre Hall is known as the Bruce Hall, and is available for hire to individuals and organisations. A number of organisations currently use the Hall to run regular activities, e.g. toddler group, fitness classes, children’s dance, music and adult education classes. The Church of Christ uses the Hall for their Sunday worship. We host a nursery, Little Beans, 5 days a week. The Bruce Hall is situated in All Saints Church Parish Centre, a residential area. The Parish Centre is used for our worshipping and living community activities. We ask you to regard other users and public areas with respect by observing the guidelines whilst in the church and its perimeter. The size of the Bruce Hall with its easy access parking, easily accessible kitchen, toilet facilities and outside play area remains a popular attraction for children’s parties and family celebrations. Bouncy Castles are permitted for use in the Bruce Hall or adjacent courtyard; an 8ft Bouncy Castle is the highest to be installed in the Bruce Hall The Alexandra Room is a smaller room suitable for small meetings or training sessions such as resident association meetings.

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