Blendavenda is the original cycle powered smoothie bar. Established in the Summer of 2003, the first Blendavenda unit was set up at the WOMAD music festival in Reading and was an instant success. Since that inaugural outing Blendavenda has pedalled smoothies at beach fronts, city squares and events throughout Britain, combining healthy drinks with entertainment for the public. The success of the 2003 season has resulted in a solo Blendavenda unit increasing to twenty. At Blendavenda we are now very excited about the 2004 peddling season. The effect of five Blendavenda units peddling smoothies at events should prove quite a sight. We are now offering the opportunity for enterprising people to become part of the Blendavenda success story. From April 2004 Blendavenda units will be available for franchise or rental, a Blendavenda unit is in essence a fully portable smoothie bar… with a twist! A Blendavenda offers a portable, unique, healthy, entertaining, environmentally friendly.

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