The formation of livery companies helped to protect the quality of the product or service offered to the public, whilst ensuring the trade’s workforce received fair wages, appropriate clothing, tools and training to do their job. Livery companies also provided friendship and welfare assistance when trade workers fell on hard times. Vital elements of today’s livery companies include charity and education (patronage), promoting trade and providing fellowship.PATRONAGE: Our company provides funding for a wide range of charitable and educational initiatives including: – Providing grants to charitable organisations that give support to the elderly and the young to improve their quality of life – Providing educational scholarships and learning opportunities through educational charities PROMOTING TRADE: We actively support the hotel and hospitality industry by: Creation and continuing support of the Master Innholders, a well respected, prestigious force within the hotels industry to influence standards and extend professionalism within the industry. – The provision of hospitality based educational scholarships to leading universities in order to provide additional professional development opportunities for middle managers in the hospitality industryFELLOWSHIP:We provide opportunities for the livery and freemen to meet in convivial surroundings to: – Ensure the long-term stewardship and governance of our Company – Discuss common interests and learn more about our patronage works and how we promote the hotel and hospitality trade – Support members and their families in need

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